The Carrie Diaries: Get the look!

The Carrie Diaries commenced filming earlier this month, with the gorgeous AnnaSophia Robb staring as Miss Bradshaw.

Photographers managed to snap a few pics of AnnaSophia in the role of Carrie, wearing some fantastic eighties-style gear.

Eric Daman is the show’s costume designer – not only did he assist on the show in the early noughties, but he also came up with all of the fantabulous outfits you see adorning the Gossip Girl cast.

We’re guessing that as soon as The Carrie Diaries hits our screens, we’ll see an eighties revival in the fashion world.  So, over the next few weeks, we’re going to put together some fashion spreads for you: Carrie’s fashionable looks at highstreet prices.

Here’s our first:

Carrie’s Sparkly black sequin prom dress & green cropped jacket:

carrie diaries prom dress

This GORGEOUS black prom dress from Miss Selfridge features a lace design on the top bodice and a mesh tutu skirt.  OK – it doesn’t have the sequins, but it certainly has that 80s style and isn’t too overbearing, so you’ll be able to wear it on nights out, to parties and more.  Pair it with this green cropped jacket from Red Herring.  Not pictured is a very similar jacket by H! by Henry Holland (both available at Debenhams).

Slip on your best strappy sandals, curl your hair and grab a black clutch to complete the look!

How to get 1980’s style hair:


We’ll be adding more outfits soon!  Please check back!

Christmas outfit inspiration: